About Us

Digital pay is a leading Fin-tech company specializing in the innovation of digital payments in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in line with the 2030 vision, leading towards creating a cashless society. We aim to revolutionize cashless payments by offering various services and cutting edge technologies, that makes digital payments more accessible to the general public.

Our company's collaboration with international partners helps us obtain the most recent technologies, focused towards our customers’ daily needs and business requirements. The advanced technologies that are bought in aim at meeting the needs of Saudi customers and shifting their payment methods away from cash payments. All what we do is based on deep understanding of the market and continuous search for solutions that meet customers’ needs.

Our Vision

Providing the most reliable and widely utilized financial payments’ solutions in Saudi Arabia and covering most financial transactions across different selling points.

Our Mission

Providing advanced and smart products that enable secure, innovative, flexible, timely, and accepted cashless payment methods. Digital Pay’s offered solutions will change the way POS payments are perceived to create a revolution in the FinTech sector of Saudi Arabia. Currently, thanks to the cooperation with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Association (SAMA) through the Saudi payments network, Digital Pay strives to position Saudi Arabian e-payments as the most advanced in the world which goes in hand with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision that aims at creating a cashless community.

Our Values

Digital Pay was founded on a set of values to which the company is committed. Our values allowed us to maintain market leadership in FinTech and e-payments.